WOODEN FLOOR Restoration

whatever state the boards are in, there is always something that can be done.

bitumen floor_edited.jpg

Any minor repairs are included in the price, from filling radiator holes with wooden dowels to filling small gaps with resin. I can also undertake more extensive repairs such as replacing rotten joists and removing old hearths.  I can add reclaimed or new boards to any damaged areas and will carefully tint in these boards to closely match the colour of the rest of the floor.

sanded floor_edited.jpg

once the repairs and sanding are complete, the floor can then be finished. this is entirely down to you to choose colours, tones, sheen, lacquers or oils.

it may well be covered in black bitumen, especially the edges. it may have holes and damage from previous electrical or plumbing work. it may have a concrete hearth by the fireplace. whatever state you find the floorboards and whatever repairs are needed, there is a solution.

Broken floor.JPG

once any repairs are complete, the floor can be sanded using top-of-the range equipment, causing minimal dust, to get the boards back to clean wood, including the edges and corners, then fine-sanded, ready to be finished.

The park_edited.jpg
Filled floor_edited_edited.jpg

I often get asked about the gaps between the floorboards and how best to minimise the draughts coming up from underneath the floor.  I offer advice on the different ways you can do this to suit all budgets and aesthetic requirements.  One popular method is to fit wooden fillets into the gaps between the floorboards which gives an additional sleek finish to the floor as well as reducing any draughts.